Welcome to S4OM!

Written by MK Brennan on 16 November 2014

Welcome to S4OM!

Welcome to the Society for Oncology Massage.  You are the reason we do what we do.  S4OM does many things, but they are all in the service of making safe, effective, properly adapted oncology massage therapy available around the world to anyone who wants to receive it. Your visit to our community today is another step in our journey toward educating more people about oncology massage.  

We are here to tell you the good news about oncology massage. Even though it is not yet available in every community across the globe, you will learn that S4OM Preferred Providers work with people impacted by cancer: patients, survivors, family members, friends, caregivers, and healthcare providers at many of the finest hospitals/clinics and in private offices and home practices worldwide. 

We all know that stress reduces our ability to enjoy the good things in life and decreases our ability to cope with the tough things. A diagnosis of cancer and the treatment protocols can be one of life's most stressful experiences. Massage is a proven reliever of stress. Comfort and reassurance received through touch is one of our most basic needs.

Comments shared about oncology massage received include: "It's like a vacation from cancer”, “It’s my place to be in control and do something for myself" and “I'm overcome by the most amazing feelings of acceptance and peace." Oncology massage provided by a trained therapist is appropriate at every stage of the cancer journey:  during and after treatment, in remission, in long term survivorship or at the end of life. It is beneficial for all of those who walk the journey with the person diagnosed.

I invite you to explore our website.  Learn what it means to receive oncology massage, how to find it, and how to educate others about its importance.  Find a trained therapist in your area for you or a loved one, whether the diagnosis was yesterday or the last treatment was 20+ years ago.  

Supporters are valuable to S4OM and you can join our community with a donation of any amount. Those who are directly affected by cancer as patients, family members, friends, and/or caregivers as well as healthcare providers who recognize the value of massage are warmly welcomed.

We appreciate your input and ask that you please let us know what we can do to serve you better. 

In gratitude,

MK Brennan, President



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