I have a spa gift certificate. How do I know if it is safe to receive a massage there?

This is a common and difficult situation.  Many spas do not have trained oncology massage therapists on staff.  Some may have trained therapists but are tightly scheduled, leaving little time for a thoughtful medical intake/interview.  Some spas provide a trained oncology massage therapist who does medical intake and gives instructions to untrained therapists. 

The issue that confuses this scenario is that finding a properly trained therapist has little to do with the setting and everything to do with the therapist.  It is best to find a trained therapist who has the time to use the training he or she has...at a spa or not.

Refer to our Is Your Therapist Trained? page for appropriate questions to help you discern if your therapist is properly prepared to work with you and the unique adjustments that your cancer treatment or history may require.  You can easily adapt these questions to address them to a manager of a spa.  

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