A Welcome from the President of S4OM

MK BrennanWelcome to the Society for Oncology Massage (S4OM) website, a place for oncology massage information, resources and a growing community of S4OM Preferred Providers and Recognized Education Providers. 

The Society was formed in 2007 at the first Oncology Massage Healing Summit in Toledo, Ohio when a dedicated group of individuals envisioned a forum for sharing knowledge and promoting those who provided massage for those impacted by cancer. S4OM became incorporated as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization focused on building a framework of professional growth, advocacy, and community support.  Three years later, a very successful second meeting was held in Bloomington, MN and in April of 2013, we had our largest and most successful Healing Summit with over 200 attendees from 5 countries.

Our therapists community has grown steadily since 2007 and we continue to explore new ways to realize our vision for reaching out to those who receive and provide oncology massage. S4OM is invested in the massage therapy profession and confident that our community will help countless people to find compassionate, skilled oncology massage care. We work to bring the message and value of what we do to the people affected by cancer as well as their healthcare teams, families, and friends. We work to bring the message and value of continued education for massage therapists interested in or currently working with people impacted by cancer through thoughtfully crafted Standards of Practice and our Recognized Education Providers. Our Preferred Providers have met the Standards that reflect an exceptional quality of care.     

Benefits of becoming affiliated as a S4OM Preferred Provider are considerable:

  • Regular updates from S4OM about trends in the field, legislation, and issues of interest. S4OM will help you stay up to date on research, helpful tips, resources, and news about our growing profession.Network with colleagues from around the globe to keep your knowledge and skills current through attendance at our S4OM Conferences.
  • Preferred Providers are able to create their own profile in the S4OM Therapist Locator Service:  Potential clients with cancer locally and around the world can find them easily.
  • Use of the S4OM name / logo / artwork:  Potential clients, medical professionals and others will know of your professional standing.
  • Recognition as a Preferred Provider with a leading oncology massage organization indicating your commitment to quality.  

Preferred Providers are asked to contribute a minimum of $75/year. This provides you a valuable resources to help you build your practice, educate your community and be of greater service to your clients.  Become a Preferred Provider with S4OM and enjoy the feeling of being welcomed into an emerging community of therapists with giving hands and open hearts.

On behalf of S4OM's board of directors, I welcome you and look forward to working together for S4OM's growth, helping provide more massage to more people affected by cancer, promoting an oncology massage education standard and collaborating in research.  

In gratitude,

MK Brennan, President

If you have any questions about the website, please notify the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.