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S4OM Recognized Oncology Massage Training Organizations

Due to the many potential pitfalls, no massage therapist should work with a newly diagnosed cancer patient, a patient in treatment or a patient out of treatment unless the therapist has had specialized training in oncology work. There are numerous S4OM recognized training opportunities for massage therapists interested in working with people at all stages of the cancer journey: diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, follow-on treatment, survivorship and end-of-life. S4OM recognition of a training program is based on instructor qualifications, classroom hours, coverage of specific topics and supervised hands-on practice. 

Abundant Life Massage & Education

Oncology Massage: Compassionate Touch for Clients         Living with Cancer

Jenifer Funk

Cheryl Chapman

Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hospice and Mastectomy

Cheryl Chapman


Greet The Day

Oncology Massage Workshop
Infusion Center Massage -- Module I
Infusion Center Massage -- Module II
Oncology Massage II: Advanced Client Clinic

Johnnette du Rand     Marjorie "Sarah" Hoeven
Jacki Sellers

Lighthold Massage Therapy

An In-Depth Introduction to Oncology Massage
Oncology/Hospital Massage Intensive
Opening to the Mystery: Presence in Caregiving at the           End of Life

Lauren Cates

Michea Company

Massage Therapy for People Living with Cancer

Teri Polley-Michea


Northern Raven Therapeutics

Massage for People Living with Cancer©
Gentle Soft Tissue Mobilization for the Post-Mastectomy and Radiotherapy Client

Jamie Elswick

Oncology Massage Education Associates (OMEA)

Massage for People Living with Cancer©
Massage in the Oncology Setting©

Gayle MacDonald     Isabel Adkins   Jamie Elswick
Jean Van Etten    Mary Peifer    Meg Robsahm

Oncology Massage Matters

Massage for People Living with Cancer©
Oncology Massage I -- Blending East with WestTM
Oncology Massage II -- Integrating Complementary Therapies
Oncology Massage III -- Understanding Trauma
Oncology Massage Clinic Practicum

Isabel Adkins

Oncology Massage Limited (OM Ltd)

Oncology Massage Training - Modules I
Oncology Massage Training - Modules II
Oncology Massage Training - Modules III
Oncology Massage Training - Modules IV

Eleanor Oyston     Gillian Desreaux     Kate Butler
Lizzie Milligan     Tania Shaw 

Tague Consulting

Oncology Massage Therapy Level 1

Carolyn Tague

Tracy Walton & Associates, LLC

Oncology Massage Therapy: Caring for Clients with Cancer
Oncology Massage Therapy Advanced Mentorship Program

Cindy Gillan     Julie Streeter     Tracy Walton

Beaumont Hospital Health System

Clinical Oncology & Hospital Massage

Karen Armstrong

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