Massage and Cancer Webinar Series

Massage in Cancer Care: A 6-Part Webinar Series

In this webinar series, instructor Tracy Walton introduces essential oncology massage concepts. Consider recommending these presentations to clients, medical professionals, massage schools and others who would benefit from a deeper understanding of these crucial concepts. Or use them to sharpen your own understanding (and get some useful graphics).

Note: The Benjamin Institute hosts this webinar and contibutes a generous commission to S4OM on all webinars purchased through this page (at no cost to the purchaser). Please refer anyone who might benefit to this page.

Thank you for your support.


Thank you for telling your students, colleagues, other health care professionals, teachers and massage schools about this series. Even seasoned oncology massage therapists may want to view the webinars to see/hear the following:

  • reinforcement of important concepts from their training
  • an oncology massage research update, with clear explanations of key research concepts in pictures
  • some helpful diagrams in the "massage-won't-spread-cancer" argument
  • new approaches or perspectives in oncology massage
  • CE credits (NCB- and FL- approved)
  • more support for this sacred work in the world

Anyone may register for a single webinar or for the discounted series.  They will be available indefinitely for purchase on demand. The webinars come with full presentation notes and offer CEUs - there is a short quiz at the end of each and a printable certificate.


From the Benjamin Institute:

Massage in Cancer Care: A 6-Part Webinar Series

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1.  Cancer, Massage, and the Myth of MetastasisWhy Skilled Massage Won’t Spread Cancer

2.  Cancer, Massage, and Symptom Relief:What Does Research Tell Us about the Benefits of Massage?

3.  Cancer, Massage, and Safety  EssentialsHow is Oncology Massage Unique?

4.  Cancer, Massage, and Unstable TissuesHidden Contraindications

5.  Cancer, Massage, and the Vital Organ PrincipleMore Hidden Contraindications

6.  Cancer, Massage, and DetoxificationDoes Massage Have a Role, or Not?

In this 6-part webinar series, Tracy Walton provides an overview of the ways massage could benefit people with cancer, and provides an update of research on this topic.  You will clear up some sticking points, take a fresh look at the old myth that massage could spread cancer, and learn ways to re-educate and reassure people about this common concern.  Tracy highlights some of the safety essentials followed in oncology massage, and the standards of practice in the field.  She introduces resources and recommendations for further training, research, and information.  At the end of each presentation, she will answer questions submitted live by webinar participants.









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