Julie Ackerman
Julie Ackerman
Julie Ackerman
Flow Therapies
8616 Germantown Ave. (Rear)
 United States
member of the Outreach & Marketing Committee


Client's Location, Inpatient Hospice, Massage Office, Medical Office/Clinic
1000+ Hours
75 - 100%

As a massage therapist, I make sure that we have plenty of time to create the perfect session for you. I use a

thorough health intake and in depth listening along with advanced massage techniques including oncology

massage, Vodder Certified Lymphatic Therapist (CLT), Swedish, Reiki,deep tissue techniques,myofascial release.

I have a strong commitment to providing safe, appropriate techniques creating a focused treatment for you

specifically, in a beautiful, relaxing environment. I also work with caregivers, partners, and family of cancer patients.

S4OM Recognized Training

Lauren Cates
Compassionate Clinical Service: 6 day Oncology/Hospital Massage Intensive
Jamie Elswick
Gentle Scar Thissue Mobilization Techniques for the Post- Mastectomy and Radiotherapy Client
Lauren Cates
Opening to the Mystery: Presence in Caregiving at the End of Life
Lauren Cates
3 Day In-Depth Intro to Oncology Massage
3 Day In-Depth Intro to Oncology Massage

2013 Recertification of Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage Certification -24 hours

2013 Tracy Walton- Hospital Based Massage Therapy Webinar-7 hours

2011 Vodder's Complete Manual Lymph Drainage/Complete Decongestive Certification -160 hours

2011 Rieki 1 and 2  Usai System of Natural Healing with Darlene Merin - 32 hours

2009 Mastectomy Massage with Cheryl Chapman -16 hours

2007 Royal Spa Treatment with Steven Capellini -16 hours

2007 Orthopedic Massage and Pain Management with James Waslaski -20 hours

2000 Upledger CranioSacral 1 -32 hours

2000-2002 Externship at McKenzie -Willamette Hospital- 300 hours

2000 Internship at McKenzie- Willamette Hospital -48 hours


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