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I became interested in Oncology Massage in 2001 and took my first intensive training with Gayle McDonald and Cheryl Chapman in Breast Cancer and Mastectomy for People Living with Life altering Illnesses.  Shortly after that, I became a volunteer for Hospice with a desire to be of service.  While I felt that I had aways been compassionate, that experience taught me a depth of compassion, diginty and respect for Life which led me to a full time position as home care CNA for Hospice. 

It was an honor to do bath and personal care for those who weren't able to.  For the most part, I didn't share that I was a massage therapist with patients & families though often heard comments during "skin care" about the soothing comfort of my touch.  Hospice is often thought of as immanently dying; while that is sometimes true, often I took care of patients for an extended  time.  I worked with passion and learned so much  about Compassion, Dignity, Respect and Quality of Life  sharing The Journey of Presence with  those in  my care and also their family.

In 2011 I again took the intensive Massage for People Living with Life Alltering Illness with Cheryl Chapman who has been a pioneer in Oncology Massage for more tha 20 years.  I have returned to work more fully in massage, still adhering to the mantra of Quality of Life . . . for all.  Still my biggest passion is to support people whether that be well or ill. 

Over the past year, I have volunteered at a local cancer center giving hand/foot massage while people  while receiving chemo.  Still with compassion, respect, dignity and joy for the journey knowing there is hope, healing and potential for life.


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