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A former organic farmer from central Vermont, Claire is now a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) as well as a Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist (CMLDT) practicing at Freeport Wellness in Freeport, Maine. Claire's main focus is in oncology massage therapy, but is safe and proficient in working with all kinds of individuals.

Claire just moved to Maine from Northern California where she spent the last two years as the oncology massage therapist in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Sutter Hospital in Sacramento. Her training comes from Massage Therapy Institute in Davis, CA and Klose Training where she was trained in the Vodder technique of Manaul Lymphatic Drainage as well as Breast Rehabilitation. 


Claire has been trained in many modalities including, scar tissue mobilization, swedish, deep tissue, oncology massage, manual lymphatic drainage(MLD), and medical massage focusing on carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, chronic pain, TMJ, lower back pain, and thoracic outlet syndrome.

S4OM Recognized Training

Isabel Adkins
Massage for People Living with Cancer
Isabel Adkins
Oncology Massage I- Blending East with West
Isabel Adkins
Oncology Massage Clinic Practicum
Jamie Elswick
Gentle Scar Thissue Mobilization Techniques for the Post- Mastectomy and Radiotherapy Client
Isabel Adkins
Oncology Massage III - Understand Trauma

Claire completed a 300 hour Oncology Massage Program at Massage Therapy Institute in Davis, CA in January of 2017. This included the classes above as well as "Manual Lymphatic Drainage Certification" through Klose Institute, "Cancer Basics" (a class all about different medications and chemo protocols), a 97 hour community project and mentorship with Isabel Adkins. In addition Claire attended a 2-day workshop titled "Breast Cancer Rehabilitation" taught by Jodi Winicour also with Klose Institute.

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