Piper Gould
Piper Gould
Piper Gould

Centennial,   80122


Registered Yoga Teacher
Client's Location, Medical Office/Clinic
500+ Hours
60 - 75%


My name is Piper and I am very excited to be part of the S4OM community!  This journey began in Connecticut when I was 19 and diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.  At the time I was in my sophomore year in college majoring in health science.  I was fascinated at integrative and alternative therapies and their uses in the medical field.  The year was 1996 so you can imagine there was not a lot of study in this field and doctors were very hesitant to integrate anything that wasn’t strictly western medicine.  I had a lot of physical and emotional pain during my chemotherapy.  I asked about massage and was quickly told it may interfere with my treatments and to not do anything that may disrupt the chemo or advance my cancer.  Time went by, I went into remission, graduated college, became a massage therapist and life went on, but the memories remained.  I felt very lost, unsure of my future after cancer.  I couldn’t run or hide from the memories so I faced them.  I began my research to see how Massage Therapy was being accepted into the medical world, it was, and I joined in.  I started massaging women with breast cancer doing post mastectomy scar tissue reduction and lymphatic drainage.  I became a Medical Asssitant and worked for two years in Oncology and Infusion so I could better understand what I went through and what others are going through.  I joined S4OM to be a part of a team of Massage Therapists that are dedicated to working within the Oncology community.  Currently I work for myself and for the University of Colorado Health Integrative Medicine Center.  I now work as a Massage Therapist in the medical world amongst a group of other Integrative Health professionals.  It is with great pride that I honor myself and others with the healing gift of massage during one of life’s most treacherous battles.  I heal myself as I aid in the healing of others.  

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