Jay Krokenberger
Jay Krokenberger
Jay Krokenberger

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Jay's interest in massage therapy began 30 years ago with sports massage.  While at a bicycle race in Pennsylvania a therapist worked on cyclists pre and post competition.  After receiving a massage and feeiling the best he ever felt in competition he had a goal of one day becoming a massage therapist.  Now that goal has been reached!

The past eleven years has brought first hand experience with care-giving for family and close friends with cancer.  Applying the experience of safe, caring touch for loved ones has stimulated his interest in helping others who are medically frail.  Often the sessions are shorter and the pressure not as intense, but the effects can be more profound.

Outside of helping people recover from motor vehicle accidents and maintain good health by regular massages, Jay and his wife volunteer locally.  As literacy and family advocates they speak Spanish and are learing Chinese.  No member of the community should be without someone to talk to and have fellow feeling.

Activities such as hiking and cycling are plentiful in the Northwest!  Helping others and moments in nature remain treasured times for Jay and his wife.

S4OM Recognized Training

Gayle MacDonald
Massage for People Living with Cancer
YearInstructorCourse Title
  2015   Cynthia Gellinger   Language of Oncology

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