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Hello, I am Kathleen, a 43 year old meditation teacher author of Bloated, Swollen and Puffy and Board Certified massage therapist living in San Diego. I have had reconstructive and cancer surgery on my face and want to help other women and families dealing with recovery from surgery. I became a massage therapist to help others who are suffering and are told to 'wait it out' by their physicians. I specialize in manual lymphatic drainage, a type of massage that works with the power of your lymphatic system to reduce the effects of post-surgical swelling ( plastic and orthopedic surgery ) and lymphedema. I also hold workshops on reducing anxiety before surgery with the proven relaxation techniques detailed in Peggy Huddleston's 'Prepare for Surgery, Feel Better' book. For more information on preparing for surgery and enhancing your recovery, visit SolaceSanDiego.com and email me at solacesandiego@gmail.com or call 619-880-6538.

S4OM Recognized Training

Jamie Elswick
Gentle Scar Thissue Mobilization Techniques for the Post- Mastectomy and Radiotherapy Client
Teri Polley-Michea
Massage for People Living with Cancer

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Klose Training with Jodi Winicour 2016 Evaluation and Management of Head and Neck Lymphedema Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy with Brad Smith 2017

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