Samantha Mowrey
Samantha Mowrey
Samantha Mowrey
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"You know...The one with pink hair."

"Oh! That's Sam."


I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in Clarksville, Tennessee who is bringing the focus back to self care one massage at a time.

I have completely embraced being "the therapist with pink hair". It's a perfect statement for who I am. I love bringing a brightness to my clients. I am boldly honest with what I am able to do, and with what I find. I never tell someone they need extra work to earn an extra buck. I believe with every ounce of me that if I take care of my clients & community, they will take care of me.

Before I started my massage therapy program, I was eager to work on athletes. However, those plans quickly shifted on my first day of Massage Therapy school when I found out my dad's first round of chemo didn't take. I was so angry. I had already watched my Superman lose a lung and not be able to work because of the affects the first round had on him. Now he was going to have to do another round plus radiation?? There HAD to be something I could do to help him and people like him.


I have been planning, learning, and studying oncology massage since my first week of massage therapy school. It is only fitting that I would be accepted as a Preferred Practitioner into the Society for Oncology Massage two years to the day!

Becoming a Preferred Practicioner for the Society for Oncology Massage was step one to my career plans. Nxt steps include perfecting my craft, become a certified yoga instructor for Yoga for Cancer, Teaching other therapists about oncology massage, and helping as many people as I possibly can along the way. 

S4OM Recognized Training

Cindy Gillan
Oncology Massage Therapy: Caring for Clients with Cancer

October 2016- Noelle McIntyre- Massage and the Cancer Patient CEU- 18 Hours

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