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Hospice Massage Therapist, Pediatric Massage Certification
Client's Location, Inpatient Hospice, Other
100+ Hours
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Lisa first worked with a 17-year-old just after he was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. Two years later, after stopping his cancer treatments, they worked together again.

Before his cancer treatments began, Jason* looked like a healthy teenager. When Lisa returned, his body was failing. He was restless, agitated, feverish, and unable to eat or speak.

The work they did together in his last days and hours was profound. The gentle touch seemed to soothe him. He became calmer, was able to doze. It was so brave for the family to let Lisa in; it was brave of the boy to be open to her touch and presence.

Lisa was so moved by the experience that she changed the course of her work and trained to become a practitioner of massage for hospice and oncology patients. This advanced training and certification allows her to work safely with anyone along the entire spectrum of the wellness continuum — both hospice patients and their families.

Lisa understands the power of skilled, gentle, intentional touch. Reaching across the boundaries of illness and grief, the dying and caregiving, a Touch of Comfort treatment reinforces a client’s sense of themself, as well as more ease in their bodies.

Lisa is excited to be expanding her practice to include chair massage for senior centers and health fairs. Her focus for the past few  years has been on hospice massage and chronic pain. She’s looking forward  to adding vibrant and healthy clients to her mix of clients.

“Lisa Port White brings kindness, knowledge, and a sense of humor into her work, making her presence welcome in the home, hospital, or hospice.”





*not his real name

S4OM Recognized Training

Tracy Walton
Massage Therapy for People Living with Cancer
Tracy Walton
Oncology Massage Workshop & Practicum

Touch Techniques in Hospice Care

Teacher: Irene Smith, Everflowing Touch Techniques for Hospice Care, July 2008


Reiki, Level 1

Teachers: Cynthia Piltch and Allan Bell, July 2004

               Uli and Denis Dettling Kalthofer, November 2006

Reiki, Level 2

Teachers: Cynthia Piltch and Allan Bell, March, 2005
               Uli and Denis Dettling Kalthofer, June 2006

Reiki, Master/Teacher Training

Teachers: Uli and Denis Dettling Kalthofer, April 2006/March 2007

Reiki for Hospital/Surgical Patients

Teachers: Uli and Denis Kalthofer, 2007

Pediatric Massage Certification

Teacher: Tina Allen, October 2009

Hospital-Based Massage Therapy--a webinar series by Tracy Walton

Currently on-going (January-February 2013)

End of Life Practitioner Training Program, through the Metta Institute

led by Frank Ostaseski and Ange Stephens



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