Geri Ruane
Geri Ruane
Geri Ruane
Two Roads Massage Therapy LLC

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Client's Location, Hospital, Inpatient Hospice, Massage Office, Medical Office/Clinic
500+ Hours
60 - 75%

Skilled in a variety of massage modalities that are relaxing, restorative and rejuvenating, I offer massage to everyone. I enjoy seeing clients from all walks of life and all different ages. In my private practice, I offer oncology, geriatric, reflexology, manual lymph drainage, hospital Reiki, relaxation and therapeutic massage sessions.

Educational background: I am a certified oncology massage therapist, as well as a certified lymphedema therapist (complete decongestive therapy 135-hour program with Klose Training) with extensive manual lymph drainage training (Vodder method). I am a DayBreak certified Geriatric MT (Level 1), have attended Compassionate Touch training workshops (Ann Caitlin) and am a certified Reiki ( Level 1) practitioner. I have completed the 300-hour certification program at the Peregrine Institute of Oncology Massage Training; in addition, I am a graduate of the Healwell Hospital Massage Stewardship Program (63 hours) for hospital-based massage therapy training.

I have supported people living with cancer in various stages: for those who are currently in treatment, are between 1-20 years post treatment, or are in palliative care and end-of-life. I have also provided customized oncology, lymphatic and elder massage sessions in people's homes, hospitals and assisted living centers. I offer hospital massage sessions to patients and caregivers in Austin hospitals. I am pursuing my pediatric oncology massage training this year (2013). 

I am involved in a nonprofit organization called Oncology Massage Alliance (OMA) where we offer no-cost, complimentary hand and foot massage sessions to people receiving chemotherapy and other types of infusions in infusion centers. We also provide chair massages to caregivers and medical staff.




S4OM Recognized Training

Gayle MacDonald
Massage for People Living with Cancer
Tracy Walton
Oncology Massage Therapy: Caring for Clients with Cancer
Lauren Cates
Clinical Oncology/Hospital Massage
Gayle MacDonald
Clinical Oncology/Hospital Massage
Gayle MacDonald
Oncology Massage Clinic Practicum

Graduate of Peregrine Institute of Oncology Massage Training: June 2010 - December 2011.

Dr. Sandy Canzone, Gail MacDonald, LMT, MS - instructors


Graduate of Healwell Stewardship Hospital Massage Stewardship Program: August and September 2011

Lauren Cates, LMT and Lucille Eddy, LMT - instructors


Completed Pediatric Oncology Massage Therapy Training from Greet the Day/Institute of Integrative Oncology: August 2013

Instructors: Carolyn Tague, MA, CMT and Sharon Brahms, RN, JD, CMT


Graduate of Klose Training Consultanting LLC - Complete Decongestive Therapy/Certified Lymphedema Therapist October 2013

G. Klose, L. Keith, N. McGill - Instructors


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