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Foundational Courses

S4OM Recognized Education Provider Organizations offer a Foundational Course which is considered the initial step in pursuing a specialty in the field of oncology massage.

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Supplemental Courses

Many REP Orgs offer Supplemental Courses relevant to the field of oncology massage. They vary in length and are delivered via multiple mediums.

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S4OM Continuing Education & Professional Development

In these webinars, oncology massage therapists will have the opportunity to explore, learn about, and discuss a variety of topics. We will be joined by compassionate, experienced colleagues and guests who care about the field of oncology massage. This section includes our Topics of the Day Series and additional Informational Webinars

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Certificate of Advanced Studies

UPDATE; Since NCBTMB announced it was discontinuing its Oncology Massage Specialty Certificate program S4OM has been exploring ways to offer some sort of specialty certificate to qualifying oncology massage professionals. STAY TUNED!

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