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S4OM partnered with NCBTMB in 2018 to create a pathway towards an Oncology Massage Specialty Certificate. This certificate is a substantial start toward demonstrating expertise as an oncology massage therapist. By completing the 100 hours of required coursework, an applicant can qualify to take the written examination. A study guide is available on the NCBTMB website.

The 100 hours of coursework is categorized into two groups: Skill Enhancement and Knowledge Enhancement. Therapists must take at least 64 hours of courses containing Skill Enhancement. A current listing of courses that qualify for the S4OM pathway can be found below.

Refer back to the Foundational and Supplemental courses or the NCBTMB-S4OM Pathway-Approved Course List below for more detail on course schedules and locations.


S4OM Foundational and Supplemental Courses for the Oncology Massage Specialty Certificate


Review the NCBTMB Specialty Certificate S4OM Pathway Course List 08.2021


NCBTMB Links to the Oncology Massage Specialty Certificate