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Steps to Becoming a Recognized Education Provider Organization

There are qualifications needed to apply for approval as a Recognized Education Provider Organization (REP Org). The application assesses both the curriculum and the instructors.  It is thoroughly reviewed by the Education Committee using the Education Standards for S4OM Foundational Courses. This review process ensures consistent standards are applied to each REP Org.

All instructors of a REP Org agree to maintain their Preferred Practitioner (PP) status, thereby committing to the Standards Of Practice For Preferred Practitioners.

An S4OM Foundational Course instructs massage therapists about the basics of providing massage therapy in a safe, ethical, and appropriate manner for those living with cancer. Each REP Org develops a unique curriculum which must include:

  • understanding the disease of cancer
  • basic knowledge of common medical treatments
  • appropriately adapting massage therapy as a result of treatment and disease side effects
  • clinical learning opportunities that allow for hands-on practice and supervision

In addition to Foundational Courses, many REP Organizations teach Supplemental Courses.

Ready to get started:

Ready to apply:

Applications are available in a fillable .pdf format. Please contact [email protected] if you have issues downloading the applications.


Still have questions, please contact the Education Committee for support: [email protected]