Recognized Education Provider Organization (REP Org) Instructor Application

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Please ensure that you read the application instructions carefully. The application will be returned if incomplete, attachments are missing, or incorrectly named. The Instructor Application is available in PDF format as well.

Instructor applicant: Send a completed copy of this application and supporting documentation, if applicable, to your organization’s Contact Person (CP). Additionally, save a copy for your own records.

REP ORG Instructor Application

REP Org Contact Person:(Required)

Section 1: Instructor Information

Section 2: Requirements for Initial REP Org Instructor

a) Minimum of 5 years professional massage therapy practice?
b) Minimum of 500 hours of hands-on oncology massage practice?
c) Teaching experience must be demonstrated in ONE of the following ways:

Section 3: S4OM REP Organization Instructor Code of Conduct Agreement

As an Instructor with a S4OM Recognized Education Provider Organization, I attest that I will:(Required)