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S4OM Massage Therapist


Using over 17 years of experience and continuing education with classic Swedish, breathing techniques, lymphatic drainage, and integrating stretching, my focus is to customize your massage to meet your needs and address your concerns.

I am a trained Oncology Massage therapist providing this service to those affected by cancer. Oncology massage is a complementary therapy to help balance body and spirit by providing a safe, comforting, and gentle approach. This form of massage is adapted to serve the client during all stages of their fight with cancer; from initial diagnosis and treatments to total remission and long term affects. It can provide deep relaxation, improved sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, less nausea, reduced fluid accumulation, and sense of wholeness again.

I am honored to work at Asante Heimann Cancer Center providing complimentary oncology massage services to their patients in our treatment room and in the infusion room during treatments.


Medford, OR 97504


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