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Welcome to the S4OM Recognized Educational Provider (REP Org) access page!

Below you will find:


REP Org Account Login

The REP Org Contact Person (CP) is responsible for the information on the REP Org account which gets posted to the website.  The link below will take you to our new customer relationship management (CRM) system with Network for Good. The CP can view the status of their REP Org, submit payment for REP Org fee, and update contact details.

If you have any issues logging on or navigating the site, please contact [email protected]

REP Org Member Account

Payment for REP Organization Fee

This link is for the Contact Person to submit payment for the REP Organization Fee.

If the Contact Person received approval and is ready for payment, please click below.  It is the same link for initial and renewal fees.

The Contact Person can also click here to review the REP Org member record in the CRM.

Renew Now

Update REP Org Profile

If the ‘About’ Section of the REP Org profile needs to be updated, please click below.

Please click below to complete the form and submit the change.  We will handle it from there.


Update REP Org Profile

REP Org Questions?

Do you have questions about your REP Org Account? Please email us using the link below.

[email protected]