Hannah Rohloff


(617) 447-3038


My private practice, Tessera Therapeutic Massage, is located in Montpelier, VT. I have office hours four days a week as well as being available for home visits throughout the week. I became interested in oncology massage while still in massage school. I knew this was the area I wanted to specialize in almost immediately. I find that my advanced training is applicable to all my clients, not just the ones with a cancer diagnosis or history. I've learned to be a better listener, to use my knowledge and training to create appropriate treatment plans, and to work creatively and with constant client comfort in mind. In addition to oncology massage, I've completed a certification course in Manual Lymph Drainage (Vodder) through the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy as well as completing the Lymph Drainage Therapy curriculum through the Chikly Health Institute. I have extensive experience providing supportive MLD/LDT for early stage lymphedema; post surgical swelling; scar tissue secondary to cancer treatment; Lyme disease; cosmetic and elective surgery; and more. I also offer free and low cost Self Care classes in my community educating people to do self lymph drainage for whole body support as well as focused classes for lymphatic breast self care. I have been a local Hospice Volunteer since 2018 and am continuing training to work with people at end of life.


Montpelier, VT 05602


  • LMT
  • MLD
  • AAS
  • S4OM Summit Planning Committee
  • S4OM Regional Champion - Vermont