Estelle Smits




Estelle Smits is MT, manager of and teacher at the Institute Massage with Cancer in The Netherlands. The Institute gives Foundational Courses for MT’s, Hospital training, In-Depth Courses on specific types of cancer and more. Next to that they provide oncology massage lessons for other educators in oncology courses for pedicures, aromatherapists and beauticians. In 2011 Estelle quit her job as project manager in the International Relations to give her attention full time to massagetherapy. “It was a big step in the unknown, but it changed my life in the best way”. Soon after starting with her MT education she experienced the amazing effect of massage with a dear friend who was severely ill. It led her on the path of oncologymassage. As there were no oncology massage courses in the Netherlands in 2009, she was supported by all the knowledge and experience of the S4OM. Next to her work at the Institute of Massage with Cancer, Estelle has her own practice and gives weekly massages to patients on the oncology department at HMC Antoniushove. And she facilitates the Dutch Network of Massage with Cancer. Comforting touch with loving care is central to Estelle. “Every time I give massage, I am amazed by the magic of what comforting touch can bring for persons living with cancer. And I am so grateful that I may pass my knowledge and experience to others”.


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The Hague, ZH 2562 XL


  • MT
  • S4OM Education Committee Member