Anita Bakke




Before coming to Arizona, I worked 25 years at a world renowned laboratory. I furthered my massage therapy education with extensive Oncology Massage training, then training and certification as a Certified Lymphatic Therapist (CLT), gaining extensive Lymphedema knowledge, the techniques of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) and complete decongestive therapy (CDT) certification, the same certification PT's/OT's complete. I now was armed with both the technical training and the hands-on experience needed to care for Jo and others. Recently in 2016, I completed Reflexology for Lymph Drainage (RLD) training. This new technique from England, was developed through successful evidence based research by Sally Kay and funded by the NHC in the UK. I am, at this time, one of the very few LMT/CLT’s to have completed this training and who are practicing in the USA. Funny how Reflexology guided me to be a Licensed Massage Therapist, which guided me to Lymphedema training and certification, which brought me full-circle back to Reflexology! Fluid Factor works to stay current with best techniques and options of care for our clients.


Cave Creek
Cave Creek, AZ 85331


  • LMT
  • S4OM Regional Champion - Arizona