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I have often found myself in intersectional spaces, and there have found myself energized, humbled, and convinced integration across mind, body and spirit is essential. My profession as a nationally certified oncology LCSW in an academic medical hospital has flowed alongside 10+ years of study in yogic practices, ayurveda, bodywork and other modalities. Some of these intersections have included sharing yogic practices with LGBTQ youth in a homeless shelter, teaching pranayama for patients preparing for stem cell transplants, leading an ayurvedic yoga therapy workshop in Beirut to benefit refugees, playing therapeutic instruments to help dying patients rest, providing chair massage for people who are homeless in a community health center, counseling caregivers of the chronically ill, and so on. I am committed to making bodywork, yogic practices and deep relaxation accessible while holding the wisdom and integrity of lineage-based teachings. Daily practice, reverence, social justice and seva are foundational aspects of my life and my offerings. I only share what I regularly practice and only that which I have been given permission to offer as a bow to teachers and cultures of origin. This intention of integration is nourished through lifelong studentship. I bow to the blessings of lineage, to all of my mentors and to all of my teachers who have arrived in many forms.


San Francisco, CA 94122


  • Certified Oncology LCSW
  • CMT