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2023 Oncology Massage Healing Summit

The 7th Oncology Massage Healing Summit was an amazing celebration of connection and collaboration. Our next Summit will be in 2026, we hope to see you there!

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Patients & Caregivers

A diagnosis of cancer is one of the biggest challenges anyone can face. During cancer treatment and afterwards, people need support…

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Massage Therapists

A client requesting oncology massage therapy wants a massage therapist who is well-prepared and practiced, someone who has built their skills…

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In order to provide the optimal massage therapy experience for people living with cancer, massage therapists are highly encouraged to seek professional development courses to safely and effectively work with people whose health history includes a cancer diagnosis...

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Healthcare Professionals

Many hospitals and clinics around the world have added massage to the integrative care of their patients. In the United States, massage is now recommended by...

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Society for Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage as Part of Cancer Care

Oncology Massage is not a technique. It is a comprehensive approach that involves thorough assessment and adjustments made by the massage therapist to standard massage modalities.

Society for Oncology Massage

S4OM Education Calendar

Support the Society for Oncology Massage

You can make a difference.


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Society for Oncology Massage

Community Highlights

Regional Champions Initiative

Oncology massage is an amazing area of specialization. Regional Champions share how massage helps people live with cancer and its effects.

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NEW: S4OM's Grant Program for Preferred Practitioners

Apply for an S4OM Grant. This is an opportunity to grow professionally and provide community service to clients, your local oncology community, and the S4OM community.

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Spotlight on a NEW Recognized Education Provider Organization (REP ORG): Phoenix College

Phoenix College (part of the Maricopa County Community College District) Phoenix College has been providing massage therapy education for 20+ years. The College is proud to offer massage therapy education for those wishing to work with the oncology community.

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Supplemental Courses

If you have already taken a Foundational Course and are interested in continuing your education in oncology massage therapy, there are many additional areas to explore.

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"All through my diagnosis and treatment, the only time someone touched me and it didn't hurt was on the massage table. It was like an oasis in the desert."

"As soon as I had a surgery date, I started going in tighter and tighter circles. [Massage] was a big help in being relaxed, but ready when the day came."

"[Massage] was a great way to get through the stress of chemotherapy."

"We scheduled a massage a day or two before each chemo. That way my mind and body were looking forward to the massage, not to the chemo."

"I not only felt relief from the taxing effects of chemo and the debilitating muscle/bone ache, I ended up feeling an overwhelming sense of peace."

You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.