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Collaborative Connections Podcast


Collaborative Connections is a podcast about people living with a cancer diagnosis and how and where massage therapy intersects with them. It’s also about the Society for Oncology Massage and how we can support those people supporting others.

We will be joined by experienced, compassionate guests who are actively participating or are interested in oncology massage.

We will have deep, insightful conversations about topics like research, education, treatment updates, S4OM support programs, oncology aesthetics, lymphedema, and much much more.

You’ll come away better informed and with a passionate desire to develop stronger and broader collaborative connections.

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Episode 7 - Education is Power: A Conversation with Davonna Willis

Interview with Davonna Willis, Founder of the Black Massage Therapist Conference and owner of Blue Skyes Massage & Wellness Center and 4 Nineteen Education & Training.

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Episode 6 - Unlocking the Potential of CBD: Collaborative Connections with Brock Freisen and Carpe Diem

Interview with Brock Freisen, Carpe Diem Representative.

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Episode 5 - Massage Therapy in Infusion Centers: An Essential Component of Holistic Healthcare with Carolyn Tague

Interview Carolyn Tague, an infusion center massage therapist in California.

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Episode 4 - An OMT's Experience at the S4OM Oncology Massage Healing Summit

Interview with Regional Champion and Preferred Practitioner, Julie Olson about her 2023 Healing Summit Experience

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Episode 3 - Innovation: The Preferred Practitioner Grant Program

Interview with Gayle MacDonald and Stacy Barden to discuss the S4OM Preferred Practitioner Grant Program.

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Episode 2 - Standards in Oncology Massage Education: Why They Matter

Interview with Mary Aguilera-Titus, BA, LMT, CLT, BCTMB, S4OM's Education Committee Chairperson

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Episode 1 - Insights: Bringing Therapeutic Massage to Hospitals

Interview with Cal Cates, Executive Director of Healwell

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Listen to what Collaborative Connections is all about!

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