Episode 9 – Skin Care for Cancer Patients

Ep. 9 – Revolutionizing Skin Care for Cancer Patients with Becky Kuehn


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In this episode of Collaborative Connections, host Ericka Clinton interviews Becky Kuehn, founder of Oncology Spa Solutions, to delve into the field of oncology aesthetics. Becky, a licensed master aesthetician, shares her inspiring journey from her personal cancer diagnosis to becoming a passionate advocate and educator in the field of oncology aesthetics. With over 40 hospitals now providing oncology-trained aesthetic services, Becky’s vision of ensuring that every cancer patient receives compassionate care is becoming a reality. 

Listeners will gain insight into the specialized training and skills required for aestheticians to provide safe and personalized spa treatments for clients undergoing cancer treatments. From managing medically reactive skin to the impact of touch and personalized care, Becky highlights the vital role played by oncology-trained aestheticians in enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients. Additionally, she shares her dream of universal access to supportive care for all individuals navigating cancer, regardless of their background or means. 

 Topics discussed: 

  • Impact and Growth of Oncology Esthetics
  • Supporting medically reactive skin during cancer treatment
  • Expanding the Field of Oncology Aesthetics
  • The Future of Oncology Aesthetics
  • Partnership between S4OM and Oncology Aesthetics

More About Becky Kuehn 

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I started this journey in 1978 when I was diagnosed with cancer.  I will never forget the day I received the call from my doctor – the sense of fear was overwhelming, as I was faced with uncertainty about my future. 

 I noticed the way the nurses and staff cared for me and saw the impact it had on my husband and family as they traveled the journey with me. 

 A cancer diagnosis changes a person forever – forming me into the person I am today.  I found solace in God and my favorite scripture, Philippians 4:13 (I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me) in order to get through this part of my life’s journey. 

 I love to share with each class the life lessons I learned throughout my personal cancer experience and the things I’ve learned from the many clients whose lives have touched mine. We have the opportunity to use the talents and gifts that we as Spa professionals have, to care for those that are facing cancer. 

 I have been working with clients now since 2008 – while working both with and directing two local hospital programs and helping grads get into cancer centers or hospitals in their area.  I am so happy to share that we now have over 46 different locations in the US with oncology-trained Estheticians that are offering skincare and wig services to cancer patients.   

 I am so passionate about patient care and all the wonderful things that we as oncology-trained estheticians can do to help and assist in the healing process.  I will continue to learn and add more to the training as the industry moves and changes, you will have all the up-to-date and current information.  That way you can also become a valued and beneficial part of the circle of care.  I hope you join us in changing the world for a client going through the cancer journey.   


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