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S4OM Training

S4OM &S4OE Recognized Education Provider Organizations offer a Foundational Course which is considered the initial step in pursuing a specialty in the field of oncology massage or oncology esthetics.

Foundational courses dispel the myth of cancer as a contraindication to massage and/or esthetics and bring an understanding of the pathophysiology of cancer and the adaptation of techniques specific to the side effects or symptoms being experienced. Continuing education in oncology massage and/or esthetics will build confidence by expanding assessment and clinical skills.

These courses prepare the therapist to:

  • offer supportive care during treatment
  • communicate with the healthcare team as needed
  • assist in management of treatment side effects during long term care
  • provide rehabilitative care after treatment
  • assist in management of lasting side effects during remission/recovery
  • provide comfort-oriented care during hospice

Successful completion of a Foundational Course, as well as other pre-requisites, enable a therapist to apply for Preferred Practitioner (PP) status.