Episode 1 – Hospital Based Massage

Episode 1 – Bringing Therapeutic Massage to Hospitals: Insights from Healwell with Cal Cates



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In this episode of Collaborative Connections, S4OM’s President Ericka Clinton sits down with the founder of Healwell, Cal Cates, to unravel the fascinating origins of this groundbreaking organization. Cal shares thier journey on how they stumbled upon the world of massage therapy and found their true calling in working with people living with serious illnesses. Tune in to discover the inspiring story behind Healwell and how it has made a profound impact on the lives of patients and caregivers alike. 

Cal is the founder and Executive Director of Healwell. Healwell’s mission is to teach, touch, and advocate. Healwell teaches massage therapists to work with people affected by serious illness, they partner in research to explore the value of that integration and they advocate for the role of specially trained massage therapists in the setting of serious illness. Cal was also lucky enough to be one of the founding directors of S4OM and they are DEEPLY honored to be among the first guests of this amazing podcast!   

In this episode, Ericka and Cal discuss: 

  • The story of Healwell and bringing massage therapy to hospitals 
  • The benefits of therapeutic massage for patient living with serious illness 
  • The importance of collaboration among massage therapists, healthcare professionals, and researchers 
  • The challenges and barriers in advocating for and implementing massage therapy in healthcare 
  • The need for ongoing research and evidence-based practice in massage therapy 

More About Cal Cates and Healwell 

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