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Welcome to the S4OM Regional Champions Community!

Oncology massage is an area of specialization in the massage therapy profession. S4OM promotes education standards to ensure safe effective massage therapy for those living with cancer.

The Regional Champion program helps oncology trained massage therapists connect and network with trained therapists in their area and throughout the world. It also assists oncology massage therapists to develop ways to connect with clients, caregivers, advocacy groups, and the healthcare community in their area.

Typically one or two therapists are designated as the champion for a state/province, country, or area. If you are interested in becoming the regional champion or co-champion in your area, please complete the Volunteer Interest Form below. The chair or board liaison for the Regional Champions will reach out to you discuss your interest within 10 days.

As you explore this page you will find the benefits, standards, and responsibilities in representing your area as an S4OM Regional Champion.

I want to represent my region!

Ready to go? To begin the process please send a letter of interest to the Regional Champions Leadership at: [email protected]

Find the Regional Champion in your area

“When I researched the S4OM website, I realized that the mission statement for the group was in alignment with mine. I strive to bring into my oncology practice of massage 3 areas, that include: Oncology Massage, Education and Research, I would like to teach people about the discipline of oncology massage. We all seem to believe in the philosophy behind the greater mission of S4OM. We care for others and we are able to share this philosophy of healing through oncology massage therapy.”

Donna Spencer, LMT Regional Champion, Florida

“Regional Champions represent oncology massage in their area with pride. I honor the breadth and depth of their work within their communities. Oncology massage can be a lonely career path. It is good to share this work and to know that you have support. Regional Champions help us identify the needs specific to their locale. They provide a forum where oncology massage therapists can share the special challenges and joys of this work. You are our future as Regional Champions.”

Ericka Clinton, LMT President S4OM NY, NY