Episode 2 – Education Standards

Ep. 2 – Standards in Oncology Massage Education: Why They Matter with Mary Aguilera-Titus 

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In this episode of the Collaborative Connections podcast, host Erica Clinton interviews Mary Aguilera-Titus, a licensed massage therapist and instructor who teaches oncology massage therapy to other therapists. Mary is also a charter member of the Society for Oncology Massage and currently serves as the head of the Education Committee.
In this captivating conversation, Mary and Ericka discuss the foundational courses of S4OM.They also delve into the various opportunities students have after completing these courses, emphasizing the significance of continuing education. Mary shares her experience teaching virtual courses and how they have increased accessibility to education, as well as discussing the instructor standards and the clear set of education standards that have been built in. Don’t miss this insightful episode where Mary and Ericka uncover the exciting new initiatives S4OM is taking on in the world of oncology massage education.
Topics discussed:
  • S4OM’s education committee
  • Importance of educational standards
  • Oncology massage therapy standards
  • The evolution of Hybrid education
  • Applying to be a Recognized Educational Provider (REP ORG)
  • Becoming a preferred practitioner
More About Mary
Mary Aguilera-Titus, BA, LMT, CLT, BCTMB Since 2002, Mary has been a licensed massage therapist in both DC and MD and nationally certified by NCBTMB. Knowing that skilled touch can be a powerful support to people impacted by a diagnosis of cancer, Mary has focused much of her work in the field of oncology massage. From 2009-2019, Mary was part of the interdisciplinary team of the Palliative Care Service at Suburban Hospital, providing massage therapy and skilled touch to people in the inpatient setting. She also served as Lead Massage Therapist with the Integrative Medicine Service at Sibley Memorial Hospital until April 2020, working collaboratively with other health care providers to optimize health and wellness for patients in the outpatient setting. Mary was an instructor with Oncology Massage Education Associates, from 2015 – 2022, where she taught oncology massage therapy to other massage therapists. Starting in 2023 she expanded her business, Full Circle Health and Wellness LLC, to include educational opportunities. Her clinical practice in Bethesda, MD includes providing support to a wide variety of clients, including those wanting oncology massage therapy and manual lymph drainage (MLD).