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The following information is shared for you to quickly access the incredibly rich resources already available through S4OM, S4OE, and our external cancer community.

Featured Oncology Related Resources

Links to a variety of great support organizations, databases, and media.

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Preferred Practitioner Directory

A directory listing oncology-trained massage therapists and estheticians.

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S4OM & S4OE Education Calendar

Foundational Classes to begin your training as an Oncology Massage or Oncology Esthetics Therapist.

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Recognized Education Provider Directory

A list of S4OM & S4OE Recognized Education Provider Organizations. These organizations offer introductory ‘Foundational’ and advanced ‘Supplemental’ courses in Oncology Massage and Esthetics.

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Regional Champions Directory

An international list of Preferred Practitioners who have committed to being their areas S4OM or S4OE Regional Champion. The Regional Champions work to network with, connect, and support other oncology trained therapists, educators, schools, support organizations, and the medical community within their state, province, territory, state or region.

If there is no one in listed for your area, consider becoming the Regional Champion for that region. To begin the process please click here .

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Private Page for S4OM & S4OE Preferred Practitioners

Link to a private page for current S4OM & S4OE Preferred Practitioners. This is a password protected page. You will need an authorized user id and password to access. If you have forgotten your access information or just need assistance, please contact [email protected].

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