S4OE – Application Instructions for Oncology Esthetics Instructors

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Each instructor who will be teaching an S4OE Recognized Education Provider Organizations (REP Org) Foundational Course in Oncology Esthetics must:

    1. Apply and be approved to be an S4OE Preferred Practitioner
    2. Once approved, complete the S4OE REP Org Instructor Application


Instructor Application Requirements:

  1. For initial instructor applications: Please complete all sections of the application
  2. For renewing instructors: Please complete sections 1 and 3 only
  3. What the application will ask for:
    • Section 1:  Instructor Information (contact information)
    • Section 2: Requirements for initial REP Org Instructor (education and experience)
    • Section 3: Review, understanding, and attestation of the S4OE REP Organization Instructor Code of Conduct Agreement



Please send a completed copy of this application and supporting documentation, if applicable, to your organization’s Contact Person (CP). Additionally, save a copy for your own records.

A fillable .pdf application is also available for your use


If you have questions or concerns about filling out the S4OE Instructor Application, please contact you organizations contact person (CP) or the S4OE Education Team at [email protected]

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