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Every contribution, regardless of size, makes a difference.


Consider a monthly, annual, memorial, or legacy donation, sponsor an event, or donate a gift.

Your support of S4OM & S4OE helps advance our mission by developing public and professional resources. Charitable contributions may be tax-deductible, as allowed by law.

  • with a monthly or annual cash donation
  • sponsor a scholarship
  • in honor of a friend, colleague, or loved one
  • in memory of a friend, colleague, or loved one
  • with a matching donation from your employer
  • sponsor an event or speaker
  • give a gift for a raffle or award
  • as a legacy or bequest
  • in addition to a member application or renewal

To donate now, please click on the donate now button below and complete the S4OM-S4OE donation form. We appreciate your generosity!

All donations support key programs & projects

We have a broad list of projects that aim to provide awareness about oncology massage and oncology esthetic services:

  • Advancement of international education standards and competencies for educators
  • Promotion of continuing education to ensure that therapists have the skills necessary to work within hospitals, medical clinics, private office, spa settings
  • Scholarships, conferences, and sponsored workshops
  • Grants for service or research projects in the field of oncology massage and esthetics
  • Developing strategic partnerships and access to community resources
  • Developing cultural competency
  • Maintaining a current and up-to-date website platform

One hundred percent of funds raised go to support Society for Oncology Massage and Society for Oncology Esthetics endeavors.