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A diagnosis of cancer is one of the biggest challenges anyone can face. During cancer treatment and afterwards, people need support. They want symptom relief. They want sleep. They want to restore the quality of their life.

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Reprinted with permission of Geri Ruane

Oncology Massage helps people cope during treatment; it can be therapeutic during recovery and in the years that follow; it supports those whose cancer is being managed as a chronic illness; and it provides comfort at the end of life. By adapting techniques, the benefits of touch can be experienced by all patients.

Skilled oncology massage practitioners employ personalized care plans that adapt to the patient’s situation, whether the person is in treatment or ten years out from it. Receiving massage from a skilled, compassionate professional brings a sense of emotional and physical wellbeing, tranquility, and peace, no matter where you are on the continuum.

Our Resource Page is a valuable tool offering patients access to:

  • Our Preferred Practitioner Directory – a resource to locate skilled, oncology-informed massage therapists around the US and internationally
  • Current Research on the benefits of oncology massage
  • Cancer Resources for patients