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The Society for Oncology Massage offers a Preferred Practitioner (PP) Directory to help you find a massage therapist who has received advanced training in oncology massage.


This list is offered for reference only. Each Preferred Practitioner has had oncology massage training that meets S4OM education standards.  S4OM is not responsible for quality of service or rates charged. As is true in all healthcare professions, practitioners vary in experience, expertise, and skill. You are encouraged to inquire about training, background, fees for service and to verify any possible reimbursement through your insurance company prior to treatment. We strongly encourage, as we would about any medical decision, that you research your options and ask your own questions before deciding on the best course of treatment for you.

The S4OM locator includes only massage therapists who have chosen to register with us as Preferred Practitioner. Each PP has submitted basic documentation that he/she has met the baseline requirements, including appropriate licensure/registration/certification to practice and the completion of a foundational course taught by one of S4OM’s Recognized Education Providers or one that aligns with its Oncology Massage Education standards. This list does not represent all massage therapists who are able to provide safe, effective massage therapy to people affected by cancer.

When a massage therapist is listed on our Locator it constitutes neither an accreditation/certification nor an endorsement by the Society for Oncology Massage. Currently, there are no government-regulated national or international standards for oncology massage therapy practice or training courses.


Since its inception in 2007, the Society for Oncology Massage has worked to establish and refine a baseline competency standard for massage therapists who want to work safely and effectively with people affected by cancer. These preliminary minimum standards are taught by a growing community of instructors around the world in what are called “Foundational Courses”. Qualifying instructors apply to the Society for Oncology Massage to become Recognized Education Providers (REPs). Massage therapists who have been in practice for at least one year who also complete a Foundational Course taught by a REP are eligible to register to be listed as a Preferred Providers (PP) with S4OM. All therapists listed on our Locator have met the following requirements:

  • Completed no less than 500 hours of massage therapy training, unrelated to oncology
  • If practicing in a regulated jurisdiction, therapist holds current credential in good standing
  • Completed no less than one foundational course taught by an REP

S4OM is open to everyone who believes that oncology massage should be available to anyone who wants it worldwide.  To learn more about how to support S4OM today click here!

S4OM Preferred Practitioners are located throughout the world!