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One of S4OM’s core missions is to promote oncology massage education. Taking a Foundational Course is the first step to becoming an oncology massage therapist and a Preferred Practitioner with S4OM. Our Recognized Education Providers Organizations (REP Orgs) all offer Foundational Courses.

If you have already taken a Foundational Course and are interested in continuing your education in oncology massage therapy, there are many additional areas to explore. Some of these include but are not limited to:

  • supporting those impacted by lymphedema
  • end of life care
  • aromatherapy in the oncology setting
  • hospital based massage therapy

Many of our REP Orgs offer Supplemental Courses that are an excellent resource, should you wish to specialize in this field.

In addition, there are other educational organizations that also offer courses/programs in these specialized areas. We have included both here and we will continue to update this list, so please check in often.

If you are an educational provider that provides supplemental work appropriate for oncology massage therapists, or if you have recently taken a course that you think should be listed here, please reach out to the Education Committee at [email protected] to inquire about adding your course to our list.