Episode 6 – Unlocking the Potential of CBD

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Ep. 6: Unlocking the Potential of CBD: Collaborative Connections with Brock Freisen and Carpe Diem


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In this episode of Collaborative Connections, we dive into the world of CBD and its potential health benefits. Our guest, Brock Freisen, Carpe Diem Rep, shares his journey of bringing high-quality CBD products to the market and collaborating with health professionals to spread awareness about the endocannabinoid system. We explore the personal experiences that led to the creation of Carpe Diem and the impact of CBD on chronic illness, physical discomfort, and joint pain. Join us as we discuss the therapeutic benefits of CBD, including its role in massage therapy and its potential to complement natural therapies like chiropractic work. We also touch on the difference between full spectrum and CBD isolate products and their implications for drug testing. Tune in to gain valuable insights on CBD, its applications, and the efforts made to make health accessible to all. 

Topics discussed: 

  • The lack of knowledge about the endocannabinoid system and the potential health benefits of CBD 
  • Educating health professionals on the benefits of CBD for patients 
  • Carpe Diem’s focus on providing high-quality CBD products through extensive farming-  
  • The founders’ personal experiences that led them to explore natural and organic alternatives 
  • The potential benefits of THC and CBD products for individuals with chronic illnesses and physical discomfort

More About Brock Freisen and Carpe Diem  

Vist Carpe Diem’s website 

My name is Brock Friesen the Director of Sales and Education at Carpe Diem CBD. I have a business back ground with an exercise science sports studies addition. I have seen first hand how hemp or CBD have helped many people around me including myself. I believe health should not be a luxury and everyone should have access to quality products that empower them to Seize The Day! 


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