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S4OM Preferred Practitioners (PP’s) are oncology trained therapists who align with current best practices and S4OM’s educational standards.

I’m not an oncology massage therapist yet.

Welcome! We’re excited that you are exploring this rewarding profession. Please continue to review our website. You will find an abundance of information on education and the field of oncology massage. If you are interested in finding an S4OM Recognized Education Provider Organization or if you are interested in viewing course listings click the links below .

I’m already trained in oncology massage.

Excellent! If you are interested in learning how to become listed as a Preferred Practitioner with S4OM click the link below.

I’m already a Preferred Practitioner (PP) with S4OM.

Welcome back! We’re so glad to know that you are utilizing this website. We invite you to come back frequently as we will be highlighting different topics such as Regional Champions, education, special events, research, and current news.

S4OM is honored to partner with you in your oncology massage education and practice.

Training in Oncology Massage

A client requesting oncology massage therapy wants a massage therapist who is well-prepared and practiced.

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Regional Champions Community

Welcome to the Regional Champions community!

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Education Opportunities through S4OM

Introductory Foundational Classes, Supplemental Classes, Specialty Certificate in Oncology Massage, and additional Education Opportunities

S4OM Educational Opportunities

S4OM Committees

Why support an S4OM Committee? Share your experience and expertise.

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Oncology massage, the world over, is driven by touch therapists who feel called to this rewarding profession. They work with a deep and abiding devotion to the heart of the world. They hold joy and suffering and walk willingly with those who ask.

Gayle MacDonald, Medicine Hands, 3rd edition