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S4OM and S4OE are committed to being a leaders in the field of oncology massage and oncology esthetics.

Our Shared Mission

To support the safe delivery of massage therapy and esthetics to people who are living with cancer, to promote an oncology massage and oncology esthetics education standard, and to collaborate in research.

Our Shared Vision


Ensure that everyone living with cancer experiences the comfort of massage or esthetic services.


Our Shared Goals

  • Support and educate massage therapists, estheticians, and the cancer community about the value, safety, efficacy, and adaptations of massage therapy and skin care for those living with cancer
  • Promote an oncology massage and oncology esthetics education standard
  • Collaborate in research around the efficacy, safety, and benefits of oncology massage and esthetics
  • Advocate for the inclusion of massage therapy’s role in integrative healthcare

Our Shared Values

We measure success by the value we create for our community.

  • Show gratitude
  • Set high standards
  • Have fun, do good!
  • Respect human-ness
  • Practice collaboration
  • Default to transparency
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Listen first, then listen more
  • Create meaningful connections
  • Make a difference in lives touched by cancer

S4OM & S4OE Position Statements

Our EIN#

  • S4OM is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization that formed in 2007.
  • Our EIN# is 26-1560225.