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We have developed this informational page for those who are living with cancer and their family and friends who give support. We also support and work with healthcare providers who treat people with cancer.

Our hope is to provide the information needed to safely integrate massage, touch therapy, and skin care into the care plan.


Massage therapist with patient

Supporting Patients

A diagnosis of cancer is one of the biggest challenges anyone can face. During cancer treatment and afterwards, people need support.

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Massage therapist at work

Caring for Caregivers

The ripples created by a cancer diagnosis extend to partners, children, family members and friends.

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Massage therapists at work

Healthcare Providers

Many hospitals and clinics around the world have added massage therapists and esthetic services to their integrative care programs.

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All through my diagnosis and treatment, the only time someone touched me and it didn't hurt was on the massage table. It was like an oasis in the desert.