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Episode 11 – Advancing Oncology Massage Around the World: Insights from Eleanor Oyston with Oncology Massage Global

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In this episode of “Collaborative Connections,” host Ericka Clinton welcomes Eleanor Oyston, founder of Oncology Massage Global and a trailblazer in the massage therapy industry.

With over two decades of experience and a robust background in health sciences, Eleanor discusses her pivotal research on the lack of mindfulness in massage education and the challenges facing massage therapists today. She emphasizes the necessity of research and proper funding, sharing insights from a successful scoping study in Scotland on oncology massage.

Throughout the discussion, Eleanor advocates for greater self-recognition among therapists and the importance of international standards to promote global consistency in the field. Tune in to discover how Eleanor’s work is shaping a more recognized and respected future for oncology massage therapy worldwide.

 Topics discussed: 

  • Research and Education Initiatives

  • Importance of Research in Massage Therapy

  • Global Expansion and Educational Challenges

  • Advocacy and Recognition for the Massage Therapy Industry

  • Global Collaboration and Regulations

  • Challenges and Realities of Practicing Oncology Massage

More About Eleanor Oyston

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After over 30 years in medical technology, ten of which was in developmental neuroscience research at the John Curtain School of Medical Research, Australian National University and research diagnosing cancer, Eleanor attained a Dip RM and studied Bowen Therapy with Russell Sturgess. • Taught Oncology Massage in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain, The Netherlands. • Presented at international conferences in Australia, Munich Germany, Minneapolis USA and Barcelona Spain. • Developed in-hospital training at the Olivia Newton John Centre, Melbourne and the Life House, RPA, in Sydney Prof Caroline Smith and Dr Jennifer Hunter et al,began mapping CM in Australia. See reference in abstract. In 2017 Eleanor established Oncology Massage Global (OMG), an international consultancy designed to inform the development of oncology massage in hospitals and general practice clinics in Spain and Argentina. In March 2020 Eleanor was selected to join the Fellowship team with Prof Jon Adams at UTS of behalf of the BTFA: ARCCIM International CIM Research Leadership Program. Her Fellowship is ongoing.


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