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Oncology massage therapy education is pivotal to enhancing the knowledge and skill set of massage therapists who work with people who have a history of cancer. Every massage therapist, regardless of whether they practice in a spa, private practice, or clinical setting, will treat a person with a remote or current history of cancer. With that awareness, it seems crucial that all massage therapists have a foundational knowledge of cancer, the various treatments associated with cancer and the adjustments needed to create a safe and effective massage therapy treatment plan for clients/patients.

As the owner and founder of Full Circle Massage Therapy LLC, Mary firmly believes that the innate resiliency of the human spirit and body is deeply enhanced with meaningful circles of support and care. Our mission is twofold: 1) provide individualized and high-quality support to people who are seeking a path toward wellness using a variety of approaches including massage therapy and manual lymph drainage; and 2) provide high-quality education to massage therapists in oncology massage therapy.

Since 2002, Mary has been a licensed massage therapist in both DC and MD and nationally certified by NCBTMB. From 2009-2019, Mary was part of the Palliative Care Service at Suburban Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine, in Bethesda, MD providing massage therapy and skilled touch to people in the inpatient setting. She also served as Lead Massage Therapist with the Integrative Medicine Service at Sibley Memorial Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine until April 2020, working collaboratively with other health care providers to optimize health and wellness for people in the outpatient setting. Mary started as an instructor with Oncology Massage Education Associates (OMEA) in 2015 and taught with them until the education group disbanded in 2022.


Foundational Course:

  • Oncology Massage Therapy Level 1: Foundations & Home Study (30 hrs)

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