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Greet The Day has been nurturing Well-Being Since 2003. Improving quality of life for people affected by cancer through education and integrative oncology care.

Greet The Day programs are an essential part of integrative oncology care that speaks to the whole person living with cancer: body, mind and spirit. Services include oncology massage, oncology skin care, and cost-free wellness programs such as yoga and spa retreats for people living with cancer.  Our education division provides advanced oncology education for care giving professionals


Foundational Courses
Oncology Massage (24 hours)

Supplemental Courses
Aromatherapy Essentials (6 hours)

Aromatherapy in Health Care: Pain and Gastrointestinal Disorders (6 hours)

Aromatherapy in Health Care: Fatigue, Anxiety and Fluid Pathway Disorders (6 hours

Oncology Massage Ethics (3 hours); Oncology Massage Infusion Center Intensive (26 hours)

Oncology Massage Practicum (10 hours)

Oncology Massage in the Hospital Setting –Inpatient Massage (36 hours)

Oncology Massage Clinical Implications (7 hours); Infusion Center Oncology Massage: Module 1 (13 hours)

Infusion Center Oncology Massage: Module 2 (13 hours)

Oncology Massage Intro (16 hours)

Oncology Client Clinic (16 hours)

Hospital-Based Massage Therapy, Externship (35 hours)

Inpatient Massage (36 hours); Hospital-Based Massage Therapy, Internship (45 hours)

Cancer Aware: Lymphedema or Risk Thereof (12 hours)

Oncology II: Advanced Client Clinic (24 hours)

Oncology Client Safety and Lymphedema Risk (7 hours)

Oncology Massage Research (3 hours)

Research Literacy: Building an Evidence-Informed Practice (3 hours)


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