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After over 30 years in science and medical technology (CTASC), diagnosing cancer, Eleanor Oyston attained a Dip Remedial Massage and studied Bowen Therapy in 2000. She founded Oncology Massage Training (OMT) and developed course content to comply with the international body the Society for Oncology Massage (S4OM), advised by Gayle MacDonald author of Medicine Hands, in 2004. Under Eleanor’s leadership OMT became Oncology Massage Limited (OML), a registered charity, in 2009

Eleanor taught OM in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Hong Kong, The Netherlands and Spain, presented at international conferences in Australia, Germany, Minneapolis US and Barcelona Spain, developed in-hospital training at the Olivia Newton John Cancer Research and Wellness Centre, Melbourne and the Life House, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, in Sydney.

Research and education continues to be the focus of Eleanor’s work as she firmly believes that will lead to respectful integration with medical services, Complementary Medicine (CM).

In 2015 Eleanor approached Western Sydney University, NICM, to develop a research project. Prof Caroline Smith and Dr Jennifer Hunter embraced Eleanor’s ideas and together they undertook a major research project, mapping CM services for cancer patients around Australia. Through Eleanor’s influence OM was a major focus in this research.

In 2017 Eleanor resigned from OML and established Oncology Massage Global (OMG) to begin delivering her programs in Barcelona, Spain, through the prestigious complementary academy, ISMET. Eleanor’s course content has been recognized by S4OM since 2009. OMG is an international program designed to inform the development of oncology massage in hospitals and general practice clinics around the world in English and Spanish.

Courses and public lectures began in Bueno Aires, Argentina in 2019 and when Covid-19 allows, Eleanor will travel to South America to continue her work.

Foundational Courses
OMG Module 1 (24 hrs)

OMG Module 2 (24 hrs)


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