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Working in the Palliative Care sector, Gillian Jackson has had the opportunity to offer massage to people of all ages, different cultural backgrounds and life experiences. Many of these people are living with cancer and have diverse personal beliefs about massage therapy. Unfortunately, there are still some misconceptions that exist about “massage spreading cancer”, and these are not only held by the patient and their families, but some massage therapists. Some clients have been turned away by therapists, and have been told that they shouldn’t have massage, which has left the “potential client” unsupported, misinformed and confused. The opposite has also occurred where clients who have received massage, experienced a heavy-handed, demanding massage that exacerbated their symptoms.

In response to this insight, Palliative Care Massage Training was founded to address the needs of therapists and ultimately clients. I look forward to evolving and expanding, to bring therapists a variety of courses that will support them in the care of their clients.


Foundational Course:

  • 3-Day Intensive in Oncology Massage (24 hours)

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Supplemental Courses

  • Advanced Palliative Care Massage (4-Days)
  • Massage Training for Health Professionals, Carers and Volunteers (1 Day)


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