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Specialists in practices for medically complex clients, Tague Consulting offers outstanding Continuing Education courses for massage therapists and other integrative healthcare practitioners.

Since 2013, we also have had the immense privilege of supporting numerous hospitals and clinics as these institutions build their integrative medicine services.

Tague Consulting works with local, national and international healthcare communities to bring the best of integrative healthcare services to clients and patients.


Foundational Course:

  • Oncology Massage Therapy Level I (24 hrs)

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Supplemental Courses:

  • Advanced Oncology Massage Therapy Level II (24 hours)
  • Hospital-Based Massage Therapy (custom hours)
  • Massage Therapy for People Living with Neurological Challenges (21 hours)
  • Pediatric Massage Therapy (24 hours)
  • Oncology Massage Therapy for the Spa Setting  (custom hours)
  • How to Create a Hospital-Based Integrative Medicine Service (3 hours)
  • Mentoring the Mentor (Leadership Development for IM practitioners) (custom hours)
  • Supervisor Training (6 hours)
  • Building Therapeutic Relationships (4 hours



2955 Jackson St
San Francisco, CA 94115

Company Phone

(415) 994-3666

Primary Contact

Carolyn Tague
(415) 994-3666
[email protected]