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Summit Educator

Christopher Deery is originally from Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. He trained at Massage Therapy Institute of Oklahoma and graduated in 1996. He worked in several different practice setting such as salon/spa, a physical therapy clinic and a private massage office before returning to MTIO and undergoing further education, completing his Instructor Training in late 1997. He achieved National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in 1997 and began teaching Massage Therapy programmatically in 1999.

In his process of becoming such a successful therapist he has encountered a variety of issues regarding professional practices, full vs. part‐time practice and gender issues of being a male therapist. Christopher instructed classes at Massage Therapy Institute of Oklahoma and was the coordinator of the “Hired Hands” Sports Massage Team. As coordinator of the Sports Massage Team, he maintained and increased the ongoing contract with Oklahoma State University, facilitated the program’s growth to include the University of Tulsa, Union High School, and other sports programs throughout the region. He was also a member of the Sports Medicine Committee for Tulsa Technology Center. While based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Christopher had the opportunity to work with several orthopedic groups, pain management practices, and professional and collegiate sports teams. He and his business and life partner Xerlan created and managed private practices and a multidisciplinary clinic in Tulsa until they relocated to Southeastern Pennsylvania in 2012. Christopher now maintains his private practice in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania with his and his wife’s company Phoenixville Massage and Bodywork as well as teaching with Anatriptic Alchemy.

He has a deep respect for science and research literacy, and a passion for “raising the floor”, instead of “raising the bar” for the profession of massage therapy. He has helped design curriculum for massage schools, including the Institute for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, where he was the director of sciences and taught programmatically for four years. His areas of focus are sports massage, massage for pain, and recognition and refinement in topics such as fascial techniques, trigger point work, and resistive modalities. He studied with Dr. Bruno Chikly and assists in teaching Lymphatic Drainage classes.

Christopher as served as a volunteer leader with the American Massage Therapy Association, serving as national president in 2019. He also has volunteered for the Massage Therapy Foundation as a subject matter expert on the topic of massage and pain, and on the board of trustees. He was elected to the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork as a professional member, where he currently serves.

He resides in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania with his wife Xerlan. He has three sons, two (step/bonus) daughters, two grandchildren and a wonderful rescue dog. He enjoys writing, music, gardening, the culinary arts, & sports.


Friday, 4/21/23 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

6-hour Post Conference CE: Active Survivor: Oncology Massage for Active and Competitive Survivors

Cancer is not necessarily an endpoint to athleticism or activity – but it is life-changing. Massage is an important component of conditioning for anyone who is active and/or competitive, and cancer survivors are no different – but our approach as massage therapists needs to be. As we look seriously at the increasing numbers of survivors, survivorship programming, and the “don’t tell my chemo nurse I’m here” memes, we had to notice there seems to always be a number of survivors and/or people in active treatment at 5ks, marathons, triathlons and a myriad of other events. Active Survivor: Oncology Massage for Active and Competitive Survivors is a class designed to take knowledge of oncology massage and combine it with our awareness of sports massage to produce a more specific approach to supporting cancer survivors who chose to regain or remain active.

Cancer Survivors and active oncology patients who wish to maintain or increase their physical activity can safely receive massage. But what about the client that wants to have a sports massage, and is familiar with ‘sports massage’ or has an injury?

This class will include:

      • Up-to-date information about cancer innovations.
      • Look at the current culture of non-profit events that raise money for cancer and the survivors that participate.
      • Have a fresh view of the survivor athletes and active survivors.
      • Review appropriate techniques that can be safely modified.
      • In the tent and on the table reality of injuries presenting, how to handle them, and when to refer.
      • Concepts for smoothly utilizing and including oncology massage at athletic events.
      • Modifications to support existing active clients who may be cancer survivors or current patients

The class contains lectures, hands-on facilitated practice, and Socratic debate.