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Access your REP Org Account

The REP Org Contact Person (CP) is responsible for the information on the REP Org account which gets posted to the website. The link below will take you to our customer relationship management (CRM) system with Network for Good. The CP can view the status of their REP Org, submit payment for REP Org fee, and update contact details. Remember, your username and password for this account was created by your CP and should not be the same as the login for website access. f you need help remembering your password, logging on, or navigating the site, please contact: [email protected]

REP Member Account

Update your REP Org Profile

If the 'About' Section, listed instructors, or supplemental class listing on the REP Org profile needs to be updated, please click below. Please click below to complete the form and submit the change. We will handle it from there.

Update REP Org Profile

Renew your REP Org Status

Are you coming up for your organization's renewal? You should receive a renewal notification from S4OM, please follow the instructions provided. If you have not received your renewal notification or want to discuss your renewal with a member of the Education Committee, please contact us at: [email protected]

Email the Education Committee

Submit a Foundational Course Schedule Request for the Education Calendar

Enter an upcoming class via our Foundational Course Schedule Request for the Education Calendar.

Click here to submit a class

Join the S4OM or S4OE REP Org Group Facebook Page

This group is for active Recognized Education Providers who partner with S4OM or S4OE. The intention is to reach out to your fellow oncology massage or oncology esthetics educators for support, collaboration and mentorship. You should receive a private invite to join this group. Please direct all questions about membership to; [email protected]

Join the REP Org Facebook Group