Christopher Deery




Christopher has been active as a massage therapist since 1996 and embraces the evolving environment of massage therapy. He is passionate about the sciences – anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and has spent considerable time volunteering with the Massage Therapy Foundation as a subject matter expert on the topic of the role of massage therapy for pain. You can access the Meta-Analysis by the Massage Therapy Foundation and the Samueli Institute by following the links: General Pain Populations, Oncology Pain Populations, and Surgical Pain Populations. Seemingly always jovial, dropping a pun or joke into almost every presentation he facilitates. Christopher is absolutely passionate about the evolution of massage in healthcare via research and education. He is a dedicated volunteer with the American Massage Therapy Association and maintains a private practice as well as working as a wellness coordinator, providing chair and table massage in a corporate setting, and working with clients in a premier boxing/jujitsu/boot camp gym in his neighborhood.


Phoenixville, PA 19460


  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Recognized Education Provider - Anatriptic Alchemy